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  • [14.09.2015] New Website Open

    Solforex is currently connected between our new home page and existing MY Account (Client Trade Room).
    The New Client`s Trade Room and system will be available as soon as possible.
  • [02.09.2015] US Labor Day Trading Schedule

    Solforex would like to inform you that on Monday, 7th September, some commodities’ trading time will suffer slight changes due to US Labor Day.
    Forex markets will be open as usual during this period; however, liquidity could be decreased.
  • [11.08.2015] Weekly Newsletter Subscription

    Solforex send out Weekly Newsletter written on weekly main issue, currency market forecast, and economic event schedule twice a week.
    The visitor who wants to receive Weekly Newsletter, please send your name and email address to support@solforex.com.
  • [31.07.2015] 20% Recovery Bonus promotion extended

    The period of 20% recovery promotion has been extended until 30th September.
    If you still have not tried out our 20% Recovery Bonus, please open a Volt-Mini account now.

About Us

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Business Profile

  • Why Solforex?

    • iconSuitable for both novice and veteran traders
    • iconDirect Market Access to multiple liquidity providers
    • iconFast market execution with 0 requotes
    • iconTight spreads and deep liquidity

    When was Solforex founded?

    • iconIn year 2013
    • iconBased in Auckland, New Zealand with multiple representative offices around the world
    • iconConsist of veterans with financial technology experience
  • Why was Solforex created?

    • iconTo provide a transparent and convenient trading environment
    • iconTo leverage on financial enhancements for improved productivity
    • iconCustomer-oriented support


    • iconTo revolutionize the financial industry by making it accessible to everyone

    Our Values

    • iconProvide a high level of service
    • iconInnovation and flexibility
    • iconUphold integrity and ethics

Licenses and Regulations


  • FSP License Number: FSP308906icon
  • Regulated under FDR Schemeicon
  • FDR Member ID: FM2309icon
  • FSA (International Financial Services Authority of SVG) ic
  • FSA IBC NO: 22312 icon


Company News


  • Products
  • Account Types
  • Deposits & Withdrawals
  • Solforex Prepaid card
  • Trading platforms


  • Forex (The foreign exchange market is a market where participants buy, sell and exchange trillions of dollars worth of currencies daily)

    Offering up to 1:400 leverage

    More than 55 financial instruments available

    Largest financial market in the world, up to $5.3

    Continuous operations, 24 hours a day

    Trillion a day

  • Precious Metals

    • iconGold
    • iconSliver
    • iconUp to 1:100 leverage
    • iconValue driven by various factors
    • iconRarity
    • iconUses in industrial processes
    • iconUse as investment commodity
  • Commodities Commodities

    iconCrude Oil

    • iconWorld’s most actively traded commodity
    • iconHigh demand by stake holders due to key source of world’s energy
    • iconTraded by exploration, production companies, oil refining, marketing players, airlines, companies engaged in petrochemicals

Account Types

  • iconslide-account

    Volt Premium


    Volt Standard

    • iconInitial deposit $200
    • iconUp to 1:400 leverage
    • iconCompetitive spreads
    • iconCommission of $11.5/lot
    • iconMinimum trade size of 0.01 lot
    • iconUnlimited positions
    • iconAllowed use of Expert Advisors script
    • iconMargin call at 100%
    • iconStop out at 50%
  • STP Standard

    • iconInitial deposit $200
      iconUnlimited positions
    • iconUp to 1:400 leverage
      iconAllowed use of Expert Advisors script
    • iconCompetitive spreads
      iconMargin call at 100%
    • icon$0 commission
      iconStop out at 50%
    • iconMinimum trade size of 0.01 lot
  • Swap Free Account

    • iconNo interest/swap charges on overnight positions
    • iconNo spread widening
    • iconOnly offered to traders from UAE, Saudi Arabia, and any countries within Middle East region
    • iconSwaps will be charged for positions that are kept open for 10 days or more.
    For more information, please see leverage regulation of Solforex.

Deposits & Withdrawals

  • Bank wire

    • iconMinimum deposit of $200
    • iconAccepted currency, USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD
    • iconMQL4
    • iconProcessed within one business day upon confirmation of funds
    • iconZero bank charges for deposit 3,000 and above
    • iconWithdrawal charges are not covered
    • iconWithdrawal request processed within 1 business day
    • iconSupport multi currency/languages
  • Credit/Debit Cards

    • iconProcessed with 1-2 hours
    • iconNo fees
    • iconMinimum deposit of $10
    • iconMaximum deposit of $5k/day
    • iconCurrency USD, EUR, GBP, JPY
    • iconWithdrawal processing time of 1 business day (3-7 days for funds to reach back account depending on banks)
  • e-Currencies

    • iconSkrill
    • icon1-2 hours processing time
    • iconMinimum deposit of $5
    • iconMax deposit of $20,000
    • iconUSD, EUR, GBP, JPY
    • iconWithdrawal processing time of 1 business day
    • iconNeteller
    • icon1-2 hours processing time
    • iconMinimum deposit of $5
    • iconMax deposit of $20,000
    • iconUSD, EUR, GBP, JPY
    • iconWithdrawal processing time of 1 business day

Solforex Prepaid card

Solforex prepaid card

  • iconPrepaid Visa debit card (USD)
  • iconWithdrawal of $ easily
  • iconCheck online statements/balance $30 fees
  • icon$30 maintenance fee if balance below $10000
  • iconMiscellaneous ATM withdrawal charges ( $1.2USD for USD currency, $3USD for non USD currency)
  • iconFlexible easy to use
  • iconGlobally accepted in all supported ATMs

Trading platforms

MetaTrader 4 Platform

  • iconAndroid, iOS, PC, Mac
  • iconTrading Signals
  • iconMQL4
  • icon Cutting-edge and user-friendly feature
  • iconAutomated Trading system – Expert Advisors
  • iconMultiple timeframes
  • iconTechnical indicators
  • iconSupport multi currency/languages
  • Business Opportunities

  • Introducing Brokers
  • White Label Solutions
  • Regional Partnerships

Business Opportunities

Expand your business horizons by establishing a relationship built on trust and mutual understanding with us

Introducing Brokers

Earn a passive income by getting paid when clients referred by you starts trading with us

White Label Solutions

Widen your opportunities by starting a branded broker using our existing infrastructure and business products

Regional Partnerships

Extend our global presence by committing to a partnership operating under our brand within your country
  • introducing brokers

    The global foreign exchange (FOREX, Forex or FX) market is the largest market in the world with more than $3 trillion daily turnover - dwarfing

      • iconDirect relationship with clients
      • iconClose partner with main broker
      • iconDelegate operations to main broker
      • iconIncrease efficiency and reduce work load of main broker
      • iconBroker main focus on operations
      • iconEarn commission for every trade under your clients

    Please send us email: partner@solforex.com

  • benefits

    The global foreign exchange (FOREX, Forex or FX) market is the largest market in the world with more than $3 trillion daily turnover - dwarfing

    • iconInstant automatic commission calculation and full access to your commission statement
    • iconWithdrawal of commissions at any time
    • iconThe ability to add spread mark-up (STP Account) or extra commission is possible
    • iconThe ability to recruit sub-introducers and distribute commission according to your specifications

White Label Solutions

Solforex’s White Label service lets financial organizations offer their clients the entire array of Solforex trading opportunities under their own brand name using our software.

  • Allow you to using your own brand and website using our solution.
  • Backoffice with your spread and commission
  • Ever-expanding range of trading products Spot FX, Metals, CFDs (Commodities)
  • Aggregated liquidity from the world’s top tier leading banks
  • The opportunity to hold joint events with Solforex

Please send us email: partner@solforex.com

Regional Partnerships

Solforex is constantly seeking regional partnerships to establish our brand in high growth areas across the globe. Our market leading offering will be the driving force behind our regional official partner’s success.

We are interested in reviewing offers from experienced forex operators, financial services providers, licensed forex dealers and large introducing brokers.
  • Shared remuneration model
  • Proven and reliable trading technology
  • Regional own promotion offers
  • Support some marketing expense and our signboard fee

Please send us email: partner@solforex.com

  • Promotions

  • 20% Recovery Bonus
  • 100% Credit Deposit
  • Cashback Rebate
  • 2.5% Annual Interest


Enjoy the benefits of trading

We have a wide variety of clients, ranging from curious novices to knowledgeable veterans. As a global financial broker, we are committed to ease the transition to trading for newcomers and to compliment the professionals for their strengths. Our promotions are specially inducted to fit their interests and to reward them for choosing to trade with us.

20% Recovery Bonus

Recover up to 20% of your losses - 8th June ~ 31st March 2016

  • Requirements
  • iconRecover up to 20% of your losses weekly
  • iconMax.accumulative loss recovery of USD 1000
  • iconWill be provided to one account per client

100% Credit Deposit

  • Credit will be cancelled if
  • iconBalance is <= 0
  • iconEquity <= Credit
  • iconIf balance < Credit due to withdrawal requests

Receive 100% credit of initial deposit (Up to a max of $3000)

You can apply for the same promotion only if your previous credit has been cancelled

Cashback Rebate

$2 rebate per every lot traded (inclusive of both losing and winning trades)

Promotion is to promote customer loyalty

2.5% Annual Interest

Grow your money with us

Higher interest rates than most banks around the world

Daily interest formula = Free Margin * Interest Rate / 360 (Show working example)

Free Margin($10,000) x 2.5% x 1/360 = $0.694

Applies to all account types except Swap free accounts

  • Markets

  • Economic Calendar
  • Live Currency
  • Markets News
  • Trading Tools


Financial awareness is the key to success

Trading in the forex market has for the past decade deviated to the internet where the actual practice has become so popular due to the ease of trading through online trading terminals or online trading platforms as they are also well known.

Economic Calendar

A calendar used by traders for the purpose of tracking the occurrence of market-moving events. Investors will research the date and time of a specific event and pay close attention to the announcement because of the high probability that it will affect the direction of the market.

Live Currency

The rate at which two currencies in the market can be exchanged. International currency exchange rates display how much of one unit of a currency can be exchanged for another currency. Currency exchange rates can be floating, in which case they change continually based on a multitude of factors. Alternatively, the exchange rates of some foreign currencies are pegged, or fixed, to other currencies, in which case they move in tandem with the currencies to which they are pegged.

Markets News

Currency & forex trading news from around the world. Read about currency rates, interest rates, world currencies, commodities markets and economic data.

Trading Tools

Learn the tools and techniques used by professional traders, about technical and fundamental analysis, and most importantly, about the risks involved in forex trading.